Art and Cancer

The members of this network are involved in documenting the evidences where artistic practices combined with scientific research advanced prevention, diagnosis or cure for cancer.

mitl59_insidecover.v2.inddThe documentation of evidences is being done in the form of peer reviewed publications at “Art and Cancer” special section of Leonardo, MIT Press.

The first two accepted articles (Top 22%) are published in Leonardo journal’s April 2017 issue accompanied by an editorial.

Guest Editor:
Dhruba Deb, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Researcher, Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology Research, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Editorial Advisors:
Lisa Chong, Ph.D., Senior Editor, Science magazine, AAAS, Washington D.C.
Cynthia Pannucci, Founder and Director, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc., New York

Cancer remains the second leading cause of death worldwide. Although there are many successful examples of art-science collaborations in various disciplines, the number of art-science initiatives directed towards cancer research is very few. The focus of this special section is to investigate whether combining principles of art, science and technology with that of cancer biology can advance cancer research. To address this issue we seek submissions related to novel, cutting edge topics that combine scientific methodologies with artistic practices. We are specifically interested in studies that lead to establishing new paradigms in prevention, diagnosis and cure for cancer providing novel perspectives for oncologists beyond what has been revealed by biological research alone.

Proposals and Inquiries
Please send initial manuscript proposals and inquiries to:
Dhruba Deb at Leonardo <>