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Our members by country as of December, 2018 (Map created by

Anne Neal

Anne, an experienced nurse, works in kiln-formed art glass and explores the emotional response of patients to cancer diagnosis and treatment using color and shape as metaphor for thoughts and feelings.

Antonio Lai da Teulada

Antonio’s work on the cancer of lymph nodes combines his background and knowledge of medicine, multimedia art, music and theater.

Antonio’s work can be found here .

Caroline Shaw Ometz

Caroline is guided by scientific fractal theory that studies self-repeating units in order and chaos, and the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” that finds beauty in the mundane and broken.

Caroline’s work can be found here .

Daniel Kohn


Elisabeth Schalij

Elisabeth creates watercolors and acrylic paintings that bring her belief in directing positive, creative energy of a person to a form of therapy to the foreground.

Elisabeth’s work can be found here .

Ennio Tasciotti

Ennio is a researcher interested in the development of biomimetic drug delivery systems able to overcome the biological barriers that limit the efficacy of chemotherapeutics. His artistic vision revolves around the beauty of the cellular world at the nanoscale.

Ennio’s work can be found here .

Eugen Petcu

Eugen is an academic pathologist with a special interest in Tissue Regeneration research and 3D biological printing as well as Neuroaesthetics. In addition, he has designed and implemented a very popular course in Anatomy for Artists at Griffith University.

Eugen’s work can be found here .

Jill Bargonetti

Jill is a cancer researcher and a dancer. In her lab, she works on the signalling to and from the tumor suppressor gene – TP53. She choreographs and performs dances with her students exploring her hypothesis-driven research in a new media.

Jill’s work can be found here .

Julien Husson

Julien is a biomedical researcher and a visual artist. His lab at Ecole Polytechnique in France studies cellular mechanics in health and diseases. His artworks, whether sciart or l’art pour l’art, are digital.

Julien’s work can be found here .

Kay Dalton

Kay is a cancer survivor and an artist inspired by the ever-changing drama of the natural world.

Kay’s work can be found here .

Laurence Elias

Patsy Davila

Patsy is a two-time cancer survivor and a trash make over artist.

Patsy’s work can be found here .

Puneeta Mittal

Puneeta is inspired by the microscopic images of cancer cells and creates biomorphic abstractions in ceramics and glaze paintings in oil addressing their complex relationship with nature.

Puneeta’s work can be found here .

Sandra Freeman

Sandra, a fine art photographer, approaches cancer from a purely emotional point of view: what it does to our bodies and the treatment thereof through a plethora of images, both real and imagined.

Sandra’s work can be found here .

Shafaq Ahmad

Shafaq is a multimedia artist who’s work is largely based on the study of mysticism but is also informed by scientific research. Her work includes the study of vibrations from a holistic point of view.
Shafaq’s work can be found here .
Steven Oscherwitz


Tal Danino

Tal is a microbiologist who runs a lab focusing on genetically engineering microbes in our body to aid diagnosis and therapy for cancer. He has a long history of collaborations with artists inventing new and immersive media techniques.

Tal’s work can be found here .

Zong Woo Geem

Zong is a concert soloist and interdisciplinary scientist. He invented a Jazz-inspired algorithm, named harmony search, which has been applied to various problems including music composition, cognition of Picasso’s drawings and cancer treatment.

Zong’s work can be found here .